Our Beliefs

We believe in honesty between merchant and customer.
Business should be transparent, truthful, and we'll always stand behind our products and their depictions.

Quality products at fair prices.
The materials that craft our products are carefully considered and sourced for the perfect balance between pricing and world class quality. 

An outstanding, worry-free customer experience.
We strive to create: a beautiful and easy-to-use online store, meaningful order updates where you prefer them (email, text, messenger), on-time delivery, convenient and considerate service.

Service founded in loyalty to our customers, not the other way around.
We greatly appreciate the loyalty of our customers to our brand - and that's why we will always remain loyal to our customers in return, with fair, honest, and always affectionate customer service.

Love for our culture, history, and roots.
We believe the culture and history of the Far and Middle East is one of the most beautiful in the world. It remains elegant yet charming at the same time, and has been the source of our inspiration since the beginning.

A life dedicated to helping those in need.
And of most importance, we believe in dedicating our lives to making the world a better place. No matter how small or large the impact, Crscnt Moon will always be a servant to the happiness and livelihood of others.