Our Story

In the world of Crscnt Moon, design is inspired by the Far and Mid East in an artful journey to craft watches and premium accessories. We're Ali & Bismah, and we thrive on exploring and progressing this space with timeless style for both men and women.

All Crscnt Moon designs are carefully crafted from quality materials. We're passionate, hands-on, and design everything at our headquarters in Austin Texas. We don't release a new product until every small detail is perfect.

All of our pieces have a solid 316L stainless steel base, as we found it is one of the best metals for day-to-day wear and long-lasting looks.

Crscnt Moon was founded January 2017 and is based out of Austin Texas. We currently sell online via our website only.
When we started Crscnt Moon we made a pledge that if we could use this platform to make a difference in our world - we would. We want to be part of something greater. We strive to live a life dedicated to helping those in need and being servants to the happiness and livelihood of others. We hope that we can inspire you to take on our mission as well - to make the world a better place.
Love Always,
Ali & Bismah
A portrait of Ali and Bismah, founders of Crscnt Moon



The Golden Age is the era, traditionally dated from the 8th century to the 13th century, during which science, art, and cultural works flourished throughout the Middle and Far East. There was a strong interest in learning and inventing, and many new concepts were introduced to the world at this time. It was a time of pioneers; paving the way for philosophy, mathematics, astrology and so much more. Paying a homage to this era and its pioneers is a large part of inspiration for us at Crscnt Moon.