About Us

Crscnt Moon offers a series of minimalist accessories centered around the aesthetic of Arabic phrases and typography, with heavy roots in Islamic culture. In early 2017, we started the brand to address a gap in the market when it was still quite hard to find meaningful jewelry that expressed this deep connection we as an Ummah feel to our faith and origins. The first cuffs we started with were the main three you’ll probably see: Alhamdulillah, Bismillah, and Subhanallah – and they were met with so much love we expanded the engraving selections to also incorporate Quranic phrases, eventually also adding necklace and Arabic numeral watch collections to the mix.

Our selections feature balanced and simple, yet bold designs that make a statement, with elegant embellishments made to complement any outfit.

Our Mission

Crscnt Moon is a family-owned accessories company offering Arabic-inspired jewelry and watch designs for women and men. We offer cuffs, watches, and necklaces in our active product line, each designed to reflect the things that are important in life.

Our product designs are timeless, universal, and meaningful. Each piece in our collection is crafted with the same care and spirit. We offer jewelry for special occasions and for everyday wear – and strive to keep things simple and modern.

Designs & Materials That Matter

We think it’s important that you can actually wear the jewelry you buy on a daily basis. That mindset led us to primarily work with 14K gold-plated and silver-plated materials.

When you purchase a Crscnt Moon product, it can become part of your look every single day. Our collection was made to be your everyday, never-take-it-off, lasts-for-years kind of jewelry. You won’t have to deal with rust, skin irritation, or tarnishing, so leave it on because our jewelry is made for living.


Gold and silver islamic jewelry with arabic engravings for men and women

Our jewelry is striking, hypoallergenic, and adventure-proof. You can thank our thoughtfully-chosen materials for that.